Greek busses and ferries

It was time to leave Greece; the time had really flown! I started the day with grabbing a bottle of orange juice (still not eating) and hitting the road. I made it to the train station and bought a ticket to Patras where I was to catch a ferry to Venice, Italy. This was a little more complicated than I thought, as it was actually two trains and then a bus. The bus driver was slightly crazy too, and clipped quite a few traffic cones in his enthusiasm to overtake…

Close-up of flowers
Some flowers along the road’s edge

I made it though, and upon arrival lay down in the transport hub waiting area. The multiple days of not eating, heat and still giving it 100 percent as far as walking around and traveling, had started to take its toll, and physically I had started to feel quite weak. A cleaning lady walked over after an hour-or-so and kindly offered me directions. Unfortunately those directions meant I had to walk 6 km down the road to a different port, which I hadn’t been aware of.

Nice-looking sailboat on the water’s edge
Love to own one of these one day…

I set off on my walk. Normally a 6 km walk/jog would be no issue for me at all but in the state I was in it took about 4 hours with stops to lie down on patches of grass. I finally made it to the port just after dark and rewarded myself by buying a burger, determined to eat. I ended up only managing to eat the sad slice of tomato inside. At around 2400 I passed through immigration and was finally on the boat on my way to Venice!

Empty chairs in a row along the edge of the dock
The deserted port as I await the ferry