Blackening stuff…

Two things I hate In clothing: brand names and bright colours… If I wanted to be a neon walking advert for your company I’d give you my résumé. Because of that and particularly not wanting to look too foreign when traveling I’ve been dyeing a bunch of clothes black.

Pot of dye on the stove
Boiling all the clothes and dye up…

Sounds dumb but it’s often really hard to find good equivalent brands in dull colours. Things like running clothes with performance fabrics only seem to come in neon with extra high vis strips, which is fine for running (although I don’t think standing out is always best policy particularly in dodgy areas) but less than ideal for daily wear. The fabric is ideal for traveling through tropical environments though, being able to dry quickly etc is a big plus.

With my dyeing system down pat now though I’ve got no need to worry; buy any horribly coloured thing and make it black!

Shoes dyed black
Even running shoes are relatively easy to colour!