Visa troubles and impulsive decisions

Having already been ripped off by one Indonesian immigration officer it was with much reluctance that I headed along to the visa office to look in to extending my visa. This turned out to be more involved than I thought, requiring a week of fiddling around, fingerprinting, Indonesian references etc. All in all it looked like too much hassle so I decided to pack my gear and book a flight to Thailand!

Bike tied to a tree. It has a rain cover over its back wheel
I left my bike at a hostel in Bali before flying out.

I haven’t planned anything out, no idea were I’m staying or what I’m doing – just grabbed the cheapest tickets I could and hit the road.

Naturally because I booked the tickets based on price the times were dreadful, with a 12 hour connection. That said, it’s given me some time to get some sleep and explore the Kuala Lumpur airport.

Person lying asleep over several airport lounge seats
Not comfortable, but better than nothing!