The rat race of Bangkok

Having finished my freediving I wanted to move on as soon as possible. Phuket is just way too touristy for my liking. Too many drunk foreigners and not enough culture or life. I booked cheap flights to Bangkok and was on my way.

Monument in Bangkok
A random monument I saw on my way from the airport

I’ve read a lot of negative things about Bangkok, mainly about it being a big grimy city with little to do. It sounds bizarre but I almost felt at home as soon as I arrived, I think the whole massive Asian super city thing is something I’m comfortable with now (after traveling through China).

Green palace gardens in Bangkok
Palace gardens, unfortunately behind locked gates…

Being somewhere new is exciting, can’t wait to get out and explore more. Right now I’m relaxing at my hostel, I’ll make some plans tomorrow!

Hostel with Rubik’s Cube
My hostel has a rubiks cube theme?