Kittens and climbing

As my train from Beijing was in the evening I wanted to make the most of the day.

Lots of kittens back at the hostel I was staying at!

This for me means some stretching/exercise and a big breakfast. A Chinese breakfast is however very different to what we have in Australia. Over here restaurants and street stalls make hundreds of buns that are steamed rather than baked and filled with meats and vegetables. There are other options but this seems to be the most common.

Close-up of a steamed bun
Steamed buns… Very different to our crusty baked bread from home.

After eating and getting packed up I met Tina at the subway ready for some adventure!

Half way up a climbing wall
Testing my head for heights

We made it to our destination which was a very tall rock climbing wall in a park further towards the outskirts of Beijing. Maybe 20 metres tall?

It was exhausting in the heat but I managed the basic wall a couple of times before moving on to a harder one and then doing some bouldering. Then it was time to say goodbye to Tina and head for my station – ready for whatever Shanghai throws my direction!

Looking down from the top of the climbing wall
The problem with taking photos is you have to look down…


  • Warwick 3 years ago

    Looks as if you were the only one brave enough to try ‘the wall’ James! It makes me feel slightly ill just looking at it!

  • Sophie 3 years ago

    I got vertigo looking at that photo! Well done!