The Bund at night

After finishing up the day with some time relaxing at the park it was time for us to figure out what to do with our evening. Tim, Manuel and I decided to headed out to The Bund.

Look across the water at the lit-up buildings
A stunning view of the waterfront

The Bund (or Wai Tan) is the riverfront of Shanghai, with stunning views of all the buildings lit up in the night.

Night view of Chinese buildings
The city really lights up at night.

With the interesting comparison of the European-style architecture on one side of the river to the modern Chinese towers on the other, it makes for an amazing scene.

The downside to the area’s impressive views is its popularity, and therefore its prices. We bought some very over-priced fast-food-style Chinese that tasted pretty underwhelming. Overall the views were entirely worth it though!

Close of of dinner
Overpriced cold food…


  • Warwick 3 years ago

    Great photos! Shanghai looks impressive at night.

  • Angela 3 years ago

    Hi James, Yes, Shanghi is pretty spectacular! We are going out tonight for Greg’s birthday. To the Bagdad Community Centre! Bit of a contrast – but I reckon it wil be tasty, and good value! Keep being amazed! And taking care. Gxx