Working out and flying to Bali

I got back to Jakarta, which wasn’t too bad. The hostel in Jakarta was good; there was some gym equipment too which was good. That said, working out in the heat is tough.

Author working out
Trying out the gym gear. No bench and not enough weight is a bit of a pain…

The flight to Bali is uneventful and I’m soon at my new hostel. I accidentally picked one which is a party hostel. My room is right next to the bar and the blaring music is horrendously loud up until 10. I’m then woken by all the drunk people coming back between 0200 and 0400. Overall not a fun time. Resisting the urge to make huge amounts of noise as I get ready in the morning is hard…

Thankfully I’m only here for two nights!

Sign that reads, “Please be aware of bag snatchers walking back from La Fevela!!!”
Yup, nice area all round!