Learning to freedive

One of the many things I wanted to do on this trip was learn to freedive. For those that aren’t familiar with the discipline it is the practice of holding your breath while diving as deep as possible. The world record is over 100 metres (to give an idea of how insane it can be).

Dive boats
The dive boat I went out on. A stark contrast to the glorified canoe I did my last dives from!

I did a three day PADI course which included theory, pool time and then open water dives. Frustratingly I ran in to issues equalising upside down which meant I was unable to go for the full certification.

That said I still had a great time and managed to get a breath hold of 2:40. I’ve got all the techniques and training I need to continue to progress with that at home and once I’ve got my ears sorted I’ll be set!

Stand up paddle board on dive boat
I messed around on a stand up paddle board too.