Snails and Paris at night

For my final day in Paris I decided to spend some money and get a nice dinner. I’d been eating at cheaply as I could for the past couple of weeks and I wanted to experience authentic French food. I went out with a bunch of friends I’d met at the hostel, which was nice.

Authentic French restaurant meal
A look at our meal, very nice across the board!

We got a heap of different dishes and shared it all, which meant I got to try lots of different things including snails, which wasn’t nearly as offensive as I was prepared for. Just a bit rubbery? I forced myself to drink a glass of wine (it is France) but I really can’t stand the stuff. I’m not much of a drinker.

Barges on the Paris river/canal
Resisting the urge to jump in to a sand barge…

Finally we all walked around the Eifel tower. This is so much better at night, and the flashing lights that go off on the hour are impressive.

I’ve spent 12 days in Paris, which is a long time and I feel like I should have done more here. That said I’ve had a good time and I’m ready to move on. I really shouldn’t have gone out tonight though, I need to be up at 0400 for my flight, which is not going to be fun.

Eiffel Tower at night
Not hard to see why people love Paris