Welcome to Shanghai

After a long 15 hour train trip I made it to Shanghai! This is the first time I’ve been somewhere in China that isn’t so polluted that visibility is difficult, so that is a plus. It seems cleaner in general, although there are still the usual rubbish piles and cigarettes everywhere.

Walking along a path in the city
It’s nice to see a blue sky once again.

I got to my hostel without any issues. The hostel itself is very nice, the best place I’ve stayed yet, which is great. I feel like everywhere I’ve been has had its charm but it’s nice to be somewhere that feels clean for a change.

Building surrounded by trees
A pond, greenery, what more could you ask for?

I met a couple of guys, Tim from The Netherlands and Manuel from Germany. Both traveling solo like me. We all decided to head out for dinner and drinks together.

Plates of food on the table
Looks nicer than it tasted but the eggplant was pretty good.

The meal was ok, albeit a bit overpriced. We got a bunch of different dishes and shared them all. The duck was pretty average and was rather chewy and generally mediocre. But they did a decent job with the veggies.

The beer here is not particularly alcoholic, which means they often come in bigger bottles. We were given 600ml ones in the restaurant but back home you’d be looking at almost half of that. I don’t know beer but Tim and Manuel inform me it wasn’t anything outstanding.

Close-up of a can of beer: Harbin
Average cheap chinese beer, strange buying it in a normal store though?